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Integmed is a leading medical device supply company in Hong Kong, Macau and some mainland China regions. By focusing on the cardiovascular surgery area with providing the world known quality product and services, we gradually add on new and proven technology with synergy products into the cardiac surgery and expanded into general surgery, ICU and Emergency areas.

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Major supplier product line
Sorin Group: All product lines in cardiovascular surgery and perfusion, including Stockert Heart Lung Machine, Dideco/Cobe Oxygenator, Sorin/Carbomedic heart valves, Autotransfusion cell saver.
Medtronic: Cardiovascular Cannulaes, Automated Coagulation Timer, Hemostasis Management System etc..
HeartWare: Miniaturized left ventricular assist devices, USA.
Abbott: SUPERA® Transhepatic Biliary System, USA.
CryoLife: BioGlue® Surgical Adhesive, USA.
Geister: Instruments, Germany.
.BFW: ChromaLume Turbo Plasma System, USA.
Designs for Vision: surgical loupes, USA.
Bolton Medical: Relay TAA stent graft, Spain.
Atmos Medical: Digital Thoracic Drainage, Germany.
Nonin Medical: Regional Oximetry, USA.
Berlin Heart: Ventricular Assist Device, Germany.
Vascular Insights: ClariVein® Infusion Catheter System, USA.
Nicast: AVflo™ Vascular Access Graft.
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ClariVein®OC is an occlusion catheter intended for endovascular occlusion of incompetent veins in patients with superficial venous reflux. The catheter has a rotating tip promoting controlled, well-dispersed drug coverage of the treatment area. The system is fully disposable, minimally invasive, easy to use, and can quickly be performed in an office setting. ClariVein®OC offers many patient benefits including minimal post-operative pain and faster recovery 4.

Introduced through a microintroducer set, infusion is through an opening at the distal end of the catheter and fluid delivery is enhanced by use of a rotating dispersion wire^.

Motor Drive Unit

Self-Contained & Disposable: Fully self-contained, single use device with no need for capital equipment purchase

Power System: The motor drive is operated by a low voltage, self-contained power system

Variable Rotating Speed: Multiple speed settings allow for rotating tip and dispersion ball to rotate between approximately 2000 and 3500 RPM

Single-Handed Operation: Motor Drive Unit designed to be fully operational with one hand







Unique Infusion Catheter

Easily Steerable

Small Profile < 3 French Infusion Catheter

Flexibility: The operator may choose either the 45cm or the 65cm steerable dispersion catheter depending on patient anatomy and desired tip location

Marked: Conveniently marked catheter shaft allows for accurate pullback and infusion rate

Excellent Visualization: Rotating tip and dispersion ball easily identified under ultrasound

Cartridge Attachment: Designed for secure fastening to Motor Drive Unit


AVflo™, Nicast’s  CE certified polyurethane vascular access graft, provides a high-end solution to hemodialysis patients, improving patient care and reducing hospitalization time. The AVflo™ is the first vascular access graft to exploit the unique properties of electrospun nanofabric.




AVflo™’s self-sealing synthetic nanofabric provides:

  • Excellent primary and secondary patency (unobstructed blood flow) 
  • Early access, enabling dialysis within 24-48 hours after implantation
  • Rapid arterial and venous puncture sealing (less than 5 minutes) following dialysis needle withdrawal
  • Rapid sealing (less than 5 minutes) of suture perforations and halting of blood weeping
  • Easy suturing of graft to blood vessels

AVflo™ is offered in the following configurations:

  • Linear graft for straight (non U-bend) implantation
  • Coiled grafts for U-bend implantation. The coiled grafts are offered in center-coil and off-center-coil versions.

 The AVflo™ is made of medical grade biocompatible polycarbonateurethane.


Abbott VascularSupera Veritas Stent for Peripheral Vascular Disease

A different class of stent – interwoven nitinol wire self-expanding stent featuring superb flexibility and radial strength.  Engineering bench tests have shown the Supera stent to have a 4 times radial strength and 360% stronger crush resistance than other self-expanding stents. Torsion, compression and fatigue tests all showed the Supera to be fracture resistant and superior to other self-expanding stents tested. The Supera has shown to deliver excellent patency – with no stent fractures, even in challenging anatomy and severely diseased arteries.

ON-Q PainBuster with ON-Q® gets patients back to normal faster by automatically and continuously delivering a local anesthetic, to relieve post-op pain, through an unique designed soaker catheter, which effective and evenly distribute medicine.

CardioVascular Cannulae

  • Arterial Cannulae
  • Femoral Cannulae
  • Venous Cannulae
  • Antegrade Perfusion Cannulae
  • Cardioplegia Adapters
  • Retrograde Perfusion Cannulae
  • Cardio-Kits and Packs
  • Suction Circuit Products
  • Surgical Support Products
  • Pediatric Cannulae Products
  • MīRCSP Cannulae
  • MiAR Cannulae
  • Bio-Medicus
  • Femoral Cannulae

ACT Plus® Automated Coagulation Timer System

The ACT Plus® System combines a trusted standard in precise clot detection technology with state-of-the-art user enhancements including data management and connectivity-ready capabilities. Unlike algorithm-based test measurement, the ACT Plus System provides real-time clot detection , ensuring accurate and precise clotting time results.

System Highlights

  • Dual well testing verifies your results are accurate
  • Real-time clot detection ensure precise results
  • Connects to industry standard point-of-care LIS interface.
  • Enhanced data management meets all POC testing requirements

Quality Control

CLOTtrac® Coagulation Controls

Lyophilized controls provide sufficient volume for testing with multiple instruments.


ACTtrac® Electronic Control

Provides a multi-level quality check to make quality control easier and faster to perform.


HeartWare HVAD® pump

The pump is designed to draw blood from the left ventricle and propel it through an outflow graft connected to the patient's ascending aorta. The device is capable of generating up to 10 liters of blood flow per minute.

With a displaced volume of only 50cc, the HVAD pump is designed to be implanted in the pericardial space, directly adjacent to the heart. Implantation above the diaphragm is expected to lead to relatively short surgery time and quick recovery.

The HVAD pump has only one moving part, the impeller, which spins at rates between 2,400 and 3,200 revolutions per minute. The impeller is suspended within the pump housing through a combination of passive magnets and hydrodynamic thrust bearings.

Device reliability is enhanced through the use of dual motor stators with independent drive circuitry, allowing a seamless transition between dual and single stator mode if required.



Berlin Heart's innovative devices for the mechanical support of the heart, EXCOR® and EXCOR® Pediatric, the alternative therapy for patients with end stage heart failure, cover the whole range of medical indication for all ages, from the newborn to the adult.



The Stationary Driving Unit Ikus – The High-Performance All-Rounder

  • The driving unit Ikus is designed for stationary use with the EXCOR® Adult and EXCOR® Pediatric blood pumps.
  • Pumping frequency, operating mode, driving pressure variable within broad limits, thereby covering all applications
  • Biventricular operation in synchronous or asynchronous mode or with independent control of the pumps
  • Even very small patients can be supplied
  • Laptop with permanently installed monitor program for parameter selection and control
  • High safety with triple redundancy
  • Automatic battery supply in case of mains failure
  • Patient transport within the clinic with battery operation
  • Acoustic and optical warning signals
  • Plain language messages in monitor program
  • Comprehensive system status information at a glance


Hemoconcentrator:   the most effective way of managing excess fluid in the extracorporeal circuit. It allows the control of circulating volume, HCT and intracellular water, and lowers the instances of edema, organ dysfunction and protein concentration .

Sorin DHF0.6/DHF0.2 of high flux polyethersulfone membrane  and low prime volume permits very high filtration, biocompatibility, uniform blood flow distribution and rinseless operation.

Cardiopledgia Heat Exchanger: Sorin CSC14  features excellent heat exchange,  a low prime volume (only 28ml), and complete visibility of the fluid pathway. The 150-micron screen filter minimizes the risk of air emboli and solution particulate delivery by creating a highly effective bubble trap


Customer packs:  offers you greater convenience and customization in an eco-friendly pack with 54% less packaging plastic.  Benefits  include:

  • Lighter, more compact
  • Less packaging plastic, less waste
  • Pre-connected circuit options with customer’s choice


You have the freedom to select the devices and technologies that best meet the needs of your practice. As always, our low-prime circuit design and manufacturing expertise is available to you through our applications engineers.

Geister Instrument The leading German manufacturer which is dedicated to servicing and supplying the surgical industry with the highest quality products. The products focus on cardiothoracic, neural surgery, both conventional open technique and minimum invasive approach.


TeDan Surgical's Ultra Vision Retractor Body is a top loading retractor frame for use in thoracic surgery. TSI's patented pivoting mechanism allows the retractor arms to pivot up to 30 degree once inside the wound site to increase visualization without increasing the size of the incision. Use the Phantom T-Handle (LS-0451) or Phantom LS T-Handle Crank for LS-0100 (LS-0101) for leverage and better gripping while opening the pivoting arms. All of our instruments are German-engineered and made in the United States with only the highest quality of materials.


Thoramet Instrument, is commited to develop, manufacture and sell the finest surgical instruments made especially for the Thoracic Surgeon.

Instruments include:
- Standard VATS Instrumentation - Sponge Forceps, Tonsillars, Scissors
- Specialized VATS Instrumentation
- 5mm VATS Instrumentation
- Video Mediastinoscopy Instrumentation
- Cardio Vascular Instrumentation

All of THORAMET VATS products and many of the specialty instruments are fabricated and finished in their own facilities by their own people, craftsmen who take pride in their work, especially the details!

These capabilities enable us to respond efficiently, to insure a high, uniform level of quality and product consistency, year in and year out.


ChromaLume Turbo Plasma System is the next generation high-intensity surgical headlight system, introduces the first intelligent means to a powerfully bright, ecologically clean, functionally stable solution for the operating room with unprecedented 10,000 hour lamp life and significant cost savings to end users. Thru-the-lens video imaging system is the only Headlight Mounted Camera System that positions the camera in the center of the headlight optic for consistent co-axial alignment of camera to light.

Vista View II Portable LED Headlight System provides clean bright light. Two battery packs provide a minimum of 5-hours of battery life each

Designs for Vision surgical loupes have been appreciated and used by hundreds of thousands of surgeons worldwide to help their daily work. Its Durability, Longevity, Reliability and quality magnification have earned its reputation for over 40 years.

True Magnification

The purpose of Surgical Telescopes is to enhance or magnify an image to insure the highest quality results in surgical procedures. We take our responsibility to surgeons and their patients seriously so all of our Surgical Telescopes provide the TRUE magnification that is expected.

Digital drainage systems

ATMOS S / E 201 Thorax

There are a lot of reasons why athoracic drainage is indispensable. If you are looking for a drainage unit which will give you excellent results from emergency medical care, to ambulance, to cardiac surgical intensive care medicine then ATMOS S / E 201 Thorax are the
perfect solution for you.

ATMOS drainage systems have a complex sensor technology and an elaborate data analysis. In the display the target vacuum and the real flow value are displayed digitally. With the ATMOS® S / E 201 Thorax the vacuum value is also displayed.

The ATMOS® S 201 Thorax also offers a scalable flow progress display and the possibility to export the data to the computer for backup and processing.


ATMOS C 051 Thorax

In emergency medical care and lung surgical intensive care medicine mobilization takes over a special role. For this reason our
ATMOS C 051 Thorax off ers en extremely compact, light and ergonomical solution for lung surgery.

Other key characteristics including:

  • Mobile & Flecible
  • Touchscreen
  • Gravity Drainage
  • Automatic Night Mode
  • Clear View of the Secretion
  • Therapy Progress Control


Pacing wire: we provide reliable and better conduction temporary pacing wire particularly designed for pediatric and adult patients.

The benefit include: small needle and wire, bipolar or bifurcated design to reduce sutures damage on myocardium and provide secured lodge.

    A variety of Sorin Group oxygenators are available at user's choice to meet different patient profiles and surgical procedure needs: INSPIRE and KidsD100, Kids101, all provide excellent features and performances. More information



Benefits & Features

  • Has been designed to be fully modular, allowing clinicians an unprecedented choice.
    Features ten integrated oxygenator systems, created by combining three Hard-Shell Venous Reservoirs (HVR) and four oxygenator modules.
  • Full size adult 8 LPM and optimized size adult 6 LPM oxygenator modules, both with and without an integrated arterial filter.
  • Single chamber Hard-Shell Venous Reservoirs (HVR) and unique DUAL chamber HVR reservoirs for advanced perfusion practices.
  • INSPIRE devices are characterized by the lowest minimum operating level in the reservoir (150 ml), outstanding low venous filter dynamic hold-up volume and low prime oxygenator modules.
  • And More...

Bolton Medical produces the thoracic stent-grafts in two types of proximal configuration:

RELAY® (uncovered stent-graft)

RELAY_NBS® (covered stent-graft)

Our thoracic stent-grafts will provide you with a very flexible and precise solution for your patient. More than 7,000 patients have been treated worldwide with RELAY® and RELAY NBS® Thoracic Stent-Grafts.

Key Benefits:


RELY on Outstanding Conformability of the stent-graft to a patient’s anatomy

RELY on the widest range of available sizes within TEVAR

Delivery System

RELY on outstanding deployment accuracy

RELY on good navigability due to the unique dual sheath system that adapts to the anatomy.


  • Versatility
  • Sealing
  • Fixation
    • To the aorta
    • Within Stent modules

Delivery System

  • Precision
    • Proximal Clasp
    • Distal Leg Clasp
  • Safe Access
    • Detachable Sheath
    • Low Profile

The world's leading perfusion system.
The culmination of more than 30 years of experience in extracorporeal perfusion system design and manufacturing, Sorin’s S5™ delivers much greater flexibility for the operator, and a more sophisticated feature set than anything else in existence.
Designed for many years of demanding performance, the advanced design allows for:

  • better integration with the perfusion circuit
  • more configuration options to accommodate a greater assortment of procedures (including pediatric)
  • unprecedented safety features

The Sorin C5™ includes many of the same performance and safety features of the S5™, but with a smaller footprint and improved ergonomic design.

Additional features include:

  • All control elements are easily accessed, and the design permits more s5comfortable operation closer to the system
  • A sophisticated—yet intuitive—user interface can be quickly configured to accommodate different perfusion protocols and different patient needs
  • Thanks to its upgradeable design, the C5 can be expanded with performance- and safety-enhancing accessories to ensure it will remain state-of-the-art for many years to come




We are proud to represent Sorin group's heart valves which include Sorin Biomedica brand and Carbometics brand. Over 40 years experience, numerous world leading breakthroughs and innovative devices have been made by Sorin that help cardiac surgeons restore, improve and prolong the lives of their patients. We provide all range of heart valve replacement and repair product, from mechanical and biological tissue valves, to annuloplasty rings.

Perceval - The biological valve of choice in AVR

  • The truly sutureless solution in AVR:
    Perceval helps reducing complexity even in challenging and time consuming procedures

  • With a reproducible surgical technique:
    Perceval allows precise positioning both in MICS and traditional surgery

  • At your side in every day practice:
    Perceval is a valuable option to reduce post-operative complications


Cerebral and Somatic rSO2 and SpO2 Oximetry for Adult, Pediatric and Neonate Patients - Nonin Medical's SenSmart™ Model X-100 Universal Oximetry System is the first system to deliver both pulse and regional oximetry measurements today, and is designed to accommodate more parameters in the future. Now, one system provides a side-by-side view of rSO2, SpO2, and pulse rate values for real-time decision making.

  • Versatile: SenSmart-compatible rSO2 sensors and/or SpO2 sensors can monitor up to six sites (cerebral or somatic) on adult, pediatric or neonate patients. In addition, the SenSmart System is designed to accommodate many more parameters in the future.
  • Accurate: Fast, accurate and reliable readings even in patients with dark skin, low perfusion and other challenging conditions.
  • Easy: The smaller, lighter and less-intrusive Nonin SenSmart Universal Signal Processors automatically recognize Nonin rSO2 or SpO2 sensor signals. The monitor then displays the corresponding values and color-coded channel number you have chosen to connect to.
  • Convenient: The portable, pole-mountable, easy-to-operate SenSmart Monitor offers Bluetooth® wireless connectivity and comes with SenSmart Download Management Software. The SenSmart Systems interfaces with Philips® VueLink® or Intellibridge, Philips CompuRecord, Spectrum Medical-VIPER®, and Sorin Perfusion Data Management System®.


BioGlue, manufactured by Cryolife, is the leading surgical adhesive used in cardiovascular surgery around the world. Composed of purified bovine serum albumin (BSA) and glutaraldehyde, BioGlue has been used in more than 550,000 surgical procedures since its launch in 1998.

The Extraordinary autotransfusion system Sorin Xtra combines a high degree of functionality with advanced features, making it easy to use from single touch to configurable features that meet specific user needs and preferences.

• The most automated, tailored and innovative high performance ATS system

Key differentiating attributes:
• Tailored configuration: (Basic, Expert, customised)
• Fully automated processing (1 Touch mode)
• Automatic end of procedure (Last bowl function)
• Optimised quality protocol (Popt)
• Dedicated Emergency key
• Innovative quality control and data management:
• 4 Bowl sizes
• Easy handling and manoeuvrability
• Flexible vacuum pump, can operate as either integrated or standalone unit
• Automated PRP protocols