About US

About Us

Integmed is a leading medical device supply company in Hong Kong, Macau. The company was founded in 2003 by initially focusing on the cardiac surgery and perfusion with providing world known quality product and services, we gradually add on new and proven technology with synergy products into the cardiovascular surgery and expanded into endovascular, interventional radiology and ICU fields.

Our Strategy

Integmed is built on a heritage of delivering excellence, industry knowledge, a world-class technical infrastructure and the expertise of its people.

A clearly defined strategy guides Integmed daily actions. Called Circle the Customers, it means adding new products, equipment and services to solve a broadening array of customer challenges. Executing this strategy translates directly into our ability to help customers achieve their goals.

Our Culture and Mission

Comprised of six universal values:


These are much more than words. Our culture is a tangible force, one that transcends geography and language, and permeates everything we do as a company. These values inspire the way we serve our customers, who rely on Integmed professionals as a true partner in their success. We not only provide them with the absolute best products, technology and service, but we listen to them, stay close to them and respond quickly to their current needs, anticipate their future needs, and earn their business every day.

Superior service has built this company and superior service will continue to be our central policy and philosophy. We supply our customers with superior services, specialty products and systems that are reliable and fit into local needs. We advertise and promote our services and products in a professional and ethical manner and support them with well-trained people .