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The ACT Plus® System combines a trusted standard in precise clot detection technology with state-of-the-art user enhancements including data management and connectivity-ready capabilities. Unlike algorithm-based test measurement, the ACT Plus System provides real-time clot detection , ensuring accurate and precise clotting time results.   ...More

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System Highlights

  • Dual well testing verifies your results are accurate
  • Real-time clot detection ensure precise results
  • Connects to industry standard point-of-care LIS interface.
  • Enhanced data management meets all POC testing requirements

The HMS Plus Hemostasis Management System is a reliable and versatile platform used to perform multiple tests for heparin management. By providing information regarding the individual patient's response to heparin, the HMS Plus System determines the appropriate dose for the patient so that the needed anticoagulant and antithrombotic effect can be achieved.   ...More

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Point of Care Testing

CLOTtrac® Coagulation Controls
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Lyophilized controls provide sufficient volume for testing with multiple instruments.



ACTtrac® / HEPtrac™ Electronic Control

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Provides a multi-level quality check to make quality control easier and faster to perform