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Angiodroid CO2 Injector is the Innovative and Exclusive Carbon Dioxide Injector for Peripheral Interventional Angiography below the Diaphragm.
The practice of the CO2 provides significant benefits and a very low rate of complications compared with iodinated contrast.

Main Technical Aspects:
• Digital Volume Doses Setting
• Digital Pressure Injection Setting
• Fast Automatic Reload (20 seconds) for repeatable injection
• High accuracy of the set pressure injection
• High accuracy of the set volume doses
• Dual microcontroller to ensure high performance and high safety
• Remote controller to start the injection
• Possibility to save each injection settings for different districts Touch screen console

Single Use Adaptor :

It is a sterile and disposable PVC junction used as an interface between the injector and the catheter selected by the operator and it is constituted by a connector that is connected to the output of the injector, by a male luer-lock connector with check valve and by an antibacterial filter with porosity 0.2µm which ensures a bacterial filtration efficiency to 100%.

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