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The Quantum Heart-Lung Machine

The Quantum product line utilizes state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies to offer support for a wide range of clinical therapies that use extracorporeal circulation for patient support.



The Quantum Perfusion System is fully modular design that comprises the Quantum Management System, the Quantum Pump Console and a range of optional Quantum Accessories.


Quantum Management System

The Quantum 15" Workstation* is the primary user interface for the Self Photos / Files - ghgmanagement of the world's most advanced Perfusion Management System. It provides all desirable parameters based on configuration. App based design enables user interface customization and feature expansion like never before.


*Also available in 12” without Pump Manager App.


Pump Control Module

The Pump Control Module operates independently of the Quantum Workstation and can be located anywhere within The Quantum Pump Console to suit user preference. It provides instantaneous control up to 10 pumps and fail-safe redundant for such essential operation.

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Perfusion Roller Pumps

Self Photos / Files - jkjkjSpectrum Medical made a significant decision to be the world's first provider of roller pumps with three different race-way diameters. Having the ability to choose between a 4", 6" and 8" race-ways.


The Quantum Ventilation System


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One System - Six Leading Solutions from Spectrum Medical

A "single system, six solutions" design strategy ensures that the Quantum Ventilation System will support multiple therapies across a wide ranging patient population to ensure maximum utilization within the clinical environment.

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Tube Clamping Systems


Utilizes a single "bobbin" solution allows for the clamping of all tubing diameters associated with the selected size of race-way.

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Quantum Pump Console


Spectrum Medical offers console design that significant savings in both weight and footprint when compared to the conventional technologies available today, it also features internal cabling and a flexible pump mounting system which is fully customizable to meet the individual needs of the end user.
As a package the Quantum Pump Console includes:


  • Stainless Steel Space Frame
  • 4", 6" and 8" Roller Pumps
  • Smart Occluders for Venous and Arterial circuits
  • Pump Mounting Systems
  • The Quantum Power Pack
  • Centrifugal Drive Systems
  • Pump Control Module