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Highly efficient and rapid atherectomy for acute to chronic occlusions


  • Native vessels
  • Stents (in-stent reocclusion)
  • Bypass grafts
  • Dialysis access


Four functions in one device

Detachment of the occlusive material from the vessel (up to 1 cm/sec)

Aspiration of detached material into the catheter head

Fragmentation of aspirated material

Transportation out of the patient`s body



Rotarex®S Catheter-Sets

REF 80219 SET Rotarex®S 6F 110cm
REF 80202 SET Rotarex®S 6F 135cm
REF 80223 SET Rotarex®S 8F 85cm
REF 80224 SET Rotarex®S 8F 110cm
REF 80277 SET Rotarex®S 10F 85cm

A set includes guidewire, sterile drape and collecting bag.


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