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Autologous Red Blood Cell Salvage

The autoLog IQ™ Autotransfusion System is exceptionally small, light, and maneuverable - fitting comfortably in cramped environments. It demands little attention while in use, freeing operators to focus on other tasks during surgery. And with just one bowl size, the autoLog IQ system simplifies ordering and storage.

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Sophisticated, Effective, Fully Automated

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The autoLog IQ autotransfusion system uses Dynamic Cell Salvage, a technology that’s categorically different than other devices. Using algorithm-driven Intelligent Blood Sensing, it makes micro Self Photos / Files - autoLog_Qadjustments automatically during processing to help maximize hematocrit and washout, and minimize waste.
This dynamic process is proven to recover high-quality blood, fast.





ADAPTIVE Two-Stage Fill To achieve high hematocrit with less waste, the autoLog IQ system fills the bowl in two stages.

Stage One: The system does an initial fill, at a fill rate of 600 mL/min. It pauses briefly to compact red blood cells.
Stage Two: The system adjusts the fill speed, depending on hematocrit.

-Low hematocrit: ≥ 225 mL - fills at 250 mL/min
-High hematocrit: < 225 mL - fills at 600 mL/min